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About us

Raising standards of care through progressive ideas is how Omnicare Alliance works to contribute to a more inclusive society in the Mid North Coast region and beyond.

At the core of our existence is the delivery of aged, disability and dementia care services to meet the unique aims, interests and requirements of each client.

But there's also a bigger picture: supporting the communities in which we operate. To achieve our part in this, we're committed to strengthening our clients' connections to their respective communities.

So how do we go about that? To start off, we work with, not for, the people that call on our services.

For our clients, this involves Omnicare delivering support and assistance that promotes their independence by maintaining existing and developing new skills. We engage them in meaningful activities that foster a strong sense of purpose.

And our role extends beyond simply meeting clients' needs. We devote considerable energy, effort and expertise into addressing the needs of primary carers - the spouses, partners, relatives or friends that take responsibility for the welfare of each client.

They provide us with much of the personal information we need to plan and implement how best we can help their loved one. We offer practical support, information and guidance for primary carers so they can cope in their roles as effectively as they can.

Omnicare invests significantly in our teams to create, implement and develop programs, policies and projects, as well as in training the support workers who deliver our services.

Analysing outcomes through our own research - and in conjunction with Southern Cross University - is integral to establishing an ever-improving quality of care.

Through community projects and social enterprise ventures, we strengthen connections between our clients and the general public. Beyond these and our service delivery, we relish opportunities that allow us to make a positive social impact.

We demonstrate how we value Omnicare staff - support workers, program coordinators, business unit employees and our administration team - by offering flexibility and opportunities to develop personally and/or professionally through training or education. We encourage staff and volunteers to share their ideas, knowledge and initiative.

These steps help make our organisation constructive and productive, leading to better quality services for clients and primary carers. 

Omnicare lives by a basic philosophy:

"If we encounter a community need, and we can meet it, then we do so."