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Omnicare Alliance is a public company limited by guarantee, governed by a Board of Directors.

At an operational level, we're headed up by our Chief Executive Officer, Iggy Pintado. His role involves developing strategies for the organisation, reporting those to the board for discussion and approval (and for any amendments deemed appropriate), then implementing the strategies.

  • Iggy Pintado is our CEO and the Company Secretary

Our Board of Directors has been selected by an independent panel according to their skills and experience. Each director is elected for a three-year term, and is eligible to be re-elected twice (i.e. serving a maximum of nine years). Directors receive no remuneration for their roles. The Board comprises:

  • Chair - Nik Sandeman Allen
  • Directors - Karen Kennedy*, Lyn Murphy, Marcus Kennedy*, Connie Porter and Les Murray

(* not related)

There are two committees - one for Governance and Risk (chaired by Karen Kennedy); the other for Finance and Audit (chaired by Lyn Murphy). These are set up in an advisory capacity, without decision-making powers.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Omnicare is accountable - as per the Corporations Act 2001 - to the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission) and ASIC (Australia Securities and Investments Commission).

An external party conducts an audit annually, verifying that our finances meet legal obligations and we are compliant with regulations.