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Social responsibility

Omnicare Alliance's commitment to social responsibility reflects our values as a not-for-profit organisation providing human services in the Mid North Coast region. It's our collective view that we exist to make a positive difference to the communities we serve.

We strive to go beyond the role of service provider to clients with needs related to old age, disability or dementia. Omnicare's horizons extend to the wider community - to the extent that where we identify a need, and if we're in a position to help, we'll share our resources.

This might be collaborating in a community project, such as the Liberty Swing (a disability-friendly item of playground equipment, at Port Macquarie's Town Beach Reserve); the development of disability- and dementia-friendly facilities at the same location; or making available our fleet of buses to not-for-profit community organisations.

Omnicare aims to innovate within the human services sector. Through our WISER Approach, RED (Regional Experiences in Dementia) Conference and our networking, we've been proactive in re-examining how care and support is delivered in and beyond our region.

Omnicare puts each client at the centre of the service agreement we draw up together. To help optimise each client's quality of life, we typically rely on the input of primary carers to help us understand the client's needs, skills and abilities. In turn, we support carers through training opportunities, workshops, discussion and feedback groups.

We encourage our staff to take advantage of the opportunities we offer to develop personal and professional skills. We do this by running training sessions and various workshops, as well as providing access to external training and education.

Omnicare also invests in its staff and volunteers by offering flexibility and a family-friendly environment, which contributes to our high levels of productivity.

As society evolves, so we look to anticipate our communities' changing needs and adopt new services accordingly. Through our social enterprise initiatives, we seek ways to reduce the burden of our organisation on the public purse - particularly in ways that support individuals in playing a purposeful role in their communities.