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As research and understanding of the effects and implications of dementia evolve, so does the way the condition is cared for.

In brief:

  1. Dementia progression can be slowed in the early stages.
  2. We aim to address every aspect of your care.
  3. Supporting your loved ones is part of our approach.

Building on decades of experience in the sector, Omnicare Alliance seeks continually to innovate in all aspects of its operations. We aim to improve the lives of people living with dementia, their loved ones and the support workers that assist with care.

The condition often causes stress, sometimes leading to burnout, for those affected directly and indirectly. It's common for family members to have little or no insight into dementia, let alone training for how to cope in the everyday life of someone with the condition.

International research into dementia has highlighted that living at home and socialisation are key factors in slowing down the condition's progression.

At Omnicare, we prioritise enhancing our clients' sense of independence, by engaging them in purposeful activities and by maintaining connections within their community.

The WISER Approach is our groundbreaking Montessori-based initiative with an emphasis on a holistic and indivualised approach to dementia care and support. It has shaped how we deliver our services and provide support to clients, their families and our care staff.

Through the project, we've examined ways to maximise the quality of life and to minimise the negative impacts of dementia on everyone that has to adapt their daily routines to the condition.

With significant input from our research collaborators at Southern Cross University, The WISER Approach has formed a comprehensive basis for the training our support workers and volunteers undergo.

Keeping primary carers involved, informed and supported as we provide services to our clients is a major priority for Omnicare.