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Group Activities

Due to the Federal and State Government directives on social distancing, we have temporarily suspended our Social Support Group program.

Please keep in touch with us via this page for further information on our program.

Opportunities abound at the six Omnicare Social Support Group Centres to share, create, contribute and learn within group activities that cater to a diverse range of interests, talents and skills.

In brief:

  1. We cater to your interests in a group setting.
  2. You can maintain skills and try new activities.
  3. Our sessions are designed to give you a goal.

In keeping with our WISER approach to dementia support, our staff arrange activities that engage clients meaningfully and purposefully, and that value everyone's individual strengths and passions. There's always a goal for participants to achieve, it's not about simply keeping them occupied.

You'll see our clients gain pleasure and satisfaction from helping out in group sessions at our centres, in environments that enable them to take on tasks and responsibilities that benefit themselves and others.

Whether they're carrying out chores, employing their imagination and energy to creative projects, or participating in physical exercises, our clients benefit from the stimluating activities our staff organise.

Such a level of engagement - particularly in a social setting - typically triggers memories that help people living with dementia to maintain or refresh many of the skills that were second nature to them for much of their lives. This can slow down the progression of the condition in its early stages, rekindling independence, and prompting a sense of leading a full and happy life.

Omnicare, in many ways, breaks the mould of how to support and assist individuals living with dementia. Rather than a 'wrap them in cotton wool' approach, we find ways to enable - not avoid - risk, without compromising safety.

Our group activities range from swimming, drama, golf, music and dance, fishing, art and craft, and vintage car restoration to (believe it or not!) rifle shooting.

There are women's, men's and mixed group activities, as well as those set up for people living with younger onset (under 65 years of age) dementia.

We welcome your suggestions for activities and challenges, and will do all we can to bring together other people with similar interests to form new group opportunities.