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Home Care Packages

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Choosing Omnicare Alliance as a Home Care Package service provider means you're entering into a partnership that gives you more control over meeting your personal goals.

In brief:

  1. You'll need to be assessed for a Home Care Package.
  2. We can help you access the support you're entitled to.
  3. You can choose which service provider(s) you use.

The Australian government has introduced Home Care Packages, as part of its 'consumer-directed care' approach to funding. This aims to promote individuals living at home longer, with greater choice and flexibility, through a coordinated package of subsidised services tailored to their specific needs.

We set our standards even higher. Our qualified fully-trained staff build individual client relationships that promote health, wellbeing and happiness so clients can get the most from life, whatever their circumstances.

After registering through the My Aged Care call centre or website, the individual is given an appointment with an independent assessor to determine their eligibility for a Home Care Package and at which level (from 1 - basic care needs; to 4 - high care needs). *

  • A package consists of: (any or all of) care/support/clinical/other services; case management and coordination

Having selected a provider, package recipients receive their service agreement that includes a formal care and spending plan. This agreement also outlines the rights and responsibilities of the provider and the client (including complaints and feedback procedures).

Clients are not locked in to one provider and can exit with prior notice, though many providers will charge to leave. Omnicare has a 'no exit fees' policy.

Services available through Home Care Packages include:

  • domestic assistance and support
  • personal care
  • meals (e.g. Meals on Wheels)
  • home maintenance
  • home modifications
  • nursing care
  • allied health services

When it comes to meeting our clients' individual requirements, Omnicare can draw on the expertise, local knowledge and networks it has built up since its formation (as Hastings District Respite Care) in 1986.

If you choose Omnicare as a service provider, you'll find our staff dedicated, compassionate, considerate and interested in you. They'll support you in getting the most from life on your own terms.

* If you haven't done this already, our client support team can guide you through registration, and prepare you for the assessment process.

Home Care Package Service Fees

The attached schedule provides information on the price for common services you can access through a Home Care Package.

The costs will be deducted from your overall package budget.

There are many other services you can access through a Home Care Package that are not listed.