Reaching out across the circle of care

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Family memories

Using the WISER Approach and having the support of the whole family, the Wood's were able to have the trip of a lifetime and create memories that will l

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As our name might suggest, we owe our existence to people that care for others. Omnicare Alliance is a result of the merger of five organisations, each set up to improve the quality of lives for people within our communities. Maintaining that basic principle is what our services set out to achieve.

In a nutshell:

  1. We offer you choice and flexibility.
  2. There's practical support for your loved ones.
  3. Our high standards of training benefit everyone involved in your care.

Our clients form the centre of a circle of care around which Omnicare operations revolve. We offer flexibility and choice in meeting the requirements of aged, disability and dementia-affected clients, affording them as much independence and life-enriching opportunities as we can provide.

However, it's not just clients we serve, our support extends to the loved ones that live with and/or tend to their needs.

We also work hard to ensure the support workers who deliver our services receive the care and support they need in their roles.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely on the contributions of volunteers that support us. It's important to us to look after them and to recognise the compassion they show in dedicating their time, energy and knowledge to the lives of others.

Omnicare has put in place policies, procedures and responsibilities that ensure we fulfill our duty of care obligations, and we offer high standards of care for the wellbeing of clients, employees and volunteers.

We invest considerable revenue and effort in the delivery of programs, initiatives and training that broaden the skillsets, knowledge and understanding of staff and volunteers. There's support also for primary carers, whose involvement is integral to our ability to meet clients' lifestyle goals and their requirements.

The 'Omni' strand of our name ('omni', from the Latin word for 'all') highlights the premise that we focus attention on every aspect of caring. We apply an holistic approach to providing our services for each individual client, rather than settling for more simplistic 'one-size-fits-all' delivery.

Omnicare Alliance continues to evolve, grow and improve. We encourage clients and primary carers to share their feedback so we can find ways to develop further for the benefit of the communities we serve.