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Support Workers

Omnicare Alliance's support workers are trained to provide care and assistance that meet the high standards we set for our clients.

In a nutshell:

  1. We set high standards of personalised care.
  2. Our support workers receive training and support in meeting individuals' needs.
  3. We work with you, rather than for you.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Omnicare's focus is on putting clients front and centre of the services we offer. We exist to improve the quality of life of members of the communities we serve in the Mid North Coast region.

In order to fulfill our commitment to clients of ensuring: "You are in charge of the decisions about your life." We have tasked ourselves with establishing "responsive innovation".

To achieve this: "We will continually adapt and advance our service delivery in response to your changing needs and wants, and those of the community in which you live. We achieve this by the pursuing knowledge through research, ongoing education and reflective practice."

These values help us to shape how our support workers undertake their roles and the training they require to deliver services with compassion, sensitivity and respect.

Our 'front line' staff undergo training that involves an awareness of how to build constructive relationships with clients and their primary carers. They understand the importance of building trust so that clients and primary carers can feel at ease and able to share any information that might help us deliver improved care and assistance.

Our adaptation of Montessori principles, through our WISER Approach, underlines the emphasis on indivduals that we promote as best practice for our aged and dementia clients. Similarly, for clients with disabilities, our staff work with them - rather than for them - empowering a sense of independence and self-determination.

At Omnicare, we value the contribution of our support workers. Their ongoing education and training are important and help to safeguard them from the risk of 'burn-out', in what can be an emotionally-demanding role.