Raising standards for your lifestyle goals

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Group activities

The group activities we run for clients with disability focus on skills to promote greater independence at home for a higher quality of life.

You can also opt for support with skills that will prepare you for employment, or indeed volunteering.

Omnicare Alliance team members devote considerable effort, energy and expertise to the wide-ranging group activities programs we offer.

In keeping with our aims of promoting independence, providing purposeful and stimulating activities, and empowering individuals through meaningful community connections, our attention to detail has fostered a reputation for putting clients at the forefront of our planning.

At Omnicare, our services revolve around clients. We support them in identifying their goals and aspirations and we develop enriching activities and ideas to help achieve those.

We recognise that by identifying opportunities for you to keep up existing interests and skills, and enabling you to explore new ones, you will have greater potential to build a lifestyle that makes the most of your individual strengths and talents.

By striving to match you with support workers whose personalities align with your own, we establish a basis for supportive relationships, allowing us to provide consistency in your interactions with our team.

Our programs aim to reflect the diversity of our clients – not just through the range of activities we offer, but also in the way we refresh and update them.

If you have a specific interest or challenge you’d like to pursue as a group activity, we'll seek out other potential participants and endeavour to introduce it within our program.

As a National Disability Standards service accredited provider, Omnicare is committed to running activities that will benefit clients in their daily routines.

There’s also practical support for our group activities, with transport available to and from your home. Visit our NDIS Assistance section for information on how we can help you further.

By including Omnicare services in your NDIS plan, you will benefit from the opportunity to enrich your life through purposeful group activities and closer ties to your community.