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NDIS assistance

Omnicare Alliance can help you adapt to the complex changes the NDIS has brought to how you receive support from disability service providers

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) has introduced the concept of consumer-directed care, shifting the focus from service providers to people with disability.

One of the benefits for individuals is they now have more autonomy over how their requirements are met. For many, however, the experience of meeting their needs through the NDIS can be daunting and frustrating.

As part of our commitment to promoting independence for all, Omnicare offers practical support to anyone that can benefit from our knowledge of the procedures involved in registering for the NDIS and initiating a plan for their individual needs.

Our staff can guide you through the basics of signing up to the NDIS. They can help with navigating the NDIS website, so you can find the information you need. And they can advise you on the initial assessment process, so you’re aware of eligibility criteria ahead of your initial NDIS planning meeting (or review) with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Local Area Coordinator.

Once the NDIA has approved a plan, you may opt to appoint Omnicare into the role of support coordination. This means we will help you to access the services you select to meet your needs.

You may require support from more than one provider, which could entail a lengthy process of researching and contacting operators in your area one by one. Omnicare can lighten the load for you by making referrals, ensuring you have access to locally available services.

As an accredited National Disability Service standards provider, we work hard to stay ahead of the ever-changing sector. Our staff continue to build on Omnicare’s proven history of quality disability service provision, since our establishment (as Hastings District Respite Care) in 1986.

Whatever the requirements, no matter what choices you make regarding your service provision, you can rely on Omnicare to put your lifestyle goals at the heart of our role.

Success for us is measured by our clients’ own sense of independence and fulfilment.