Fostering independence under your own roof

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Home services

What matters to you, matters to us

Your home should be more than simply functional. It's a place where you feel comfortable, happy and safe.

What matters to you, matters to us »

Independence, comfort, familiarity, safety and security are perhaps the crucial qualities of that sense of 'home' we all deserve in our lives. Omnicare Alliance works with you to understand what you need to maintain those qualities.

In brief:

  1. We support you to remain in your own home.
  2. Government funding is available.
  3. We build your trust and give you continuity.

We recognise that personal happiness tends to start at home. We're also aware that wellbeing, health and quality of life flourish best when there's a sense of independence at home. The services we provide revolve around meeting clients’ personal goals, so they can have a rich quality of life, whatever their circumstances.

For some people, age, health issues or disability might seem like barriers to one's independence. We prefer to help clients and their families find opportunities to adapt, and find ways to improve their lives.

Omnicare's services can have a positive impact on many aspects of your home and lifestyle. You may be eligible for government funding to assist in various areas of your daily life. There's also support available to address accessibility, mobility and safety in and around your residence.

When our support workers visit to provide the services you request, they respect the fact they're doing so in your home, treating it as such and not as simply a 'workplace'. The personal care duties they undertake can make your daily routine more straightforward.

We endeavour to assign small teams of support workers to each client. This aims to allow clients and their families to develop more constructive relationships with our staff. It delivers better consistency and continuity, while helping our team members to earn your ongoing trust.

Our Meals on Wheels Mid North Coast volunteers uphold the same values when they enter your home to provide the meals and related services Omnicare offers.

There's a range of options available to enhance your mobility, access, safety and security - interior and exterior - through our Hastings Home Modifications and Maintenance service.

We offer a professional, individualised quality service, by employing qualified licensed builders, tradespeople and subcontractors. They work in conjunction with occupational therapists, who assist us by helping you identify your requirements.

Omnicare can also assist you by arranging for medical and allied health professionals to support you in various aspects of health care that you might require.

Home means so much more than bricks and mortar, an address or a real estate asset. It's a feeling of belonging, an environment where you’re free to uphold your values. We're committed to enabling you to get the most from life at your home.