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For lifestyle

International research has supported the understanding that living at home offers individuals choice and control over their lifestyle, as well as a stronger sense of identity and independence.

In a nutshell:

  1. Living in your own home promotes positive outcomes.
  2. Support at home can reinforce your sense of independence.
  3. Research highlights the benefits of assistance at home.

This is as true for people living with disability or dementia, or the frail aged, as it is for younger able-bodied adults in the prime of their lives.

A study into independent living for people with disability, conducted in Ireland, outlines also the importance of maintaining personal space and privacy. It acknowledges the community supports that the study participants have for living at home, and highlights how seeking assistance on one's own terms is the most effective way to enhance independence.

American research has underlined the positive outcomes for frail elderly individuals of residing in their own homes, particularly when there's support available from carers (family and/or professional), and assisted living equipment and/or technology. 

The adoption of Montessori methods in residential care for people living with dementia has been the subject of much academic focus around many parts of the world.

Omnicare Alliance has played a key role in Australia, by introducing Montessori principles to support people with dementia that continue to live in the community under their own roof. The WISER Approach has adapted these principles, applying them to the home environment.

Indeed, we're involved in a real-time project with researchers at Southern Cross University. They're examining closely how our holistic approach to supporting people with dementia can slow down progression in the early stages of the condition and keep them living at home for as long as possible.

Successive Australian governments have targeted assistance and support based on the premise of enabling people to live at home for as long as possible.

Omnicare is committed to understanding and embracing each client's unique goals, and to building constructive relationships so clients and their loved ones can achieve the best lifestyle outcomes that our services can support.