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What is My Aged Care?

My Aged Care is the Australian Government's portal for information relating to eligibility and funding for people 65 years and over (50 years and over if they're Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander) requiring support at home.

There's a My Aged Care website and call centre (1800 200 422) which outline how to go about accessing services from providers such as Omnicare Alliance.

Our client support team is happy to assist in guiding you through the process of registering with My Aged Care. They can provide you with impartial information on your entitlements and the services available to you locally.

See below for details of how to contact us.

My parent has a cognitive impairment and/or dementia. They've withdrawn from all activities. How can I get them socially engaged again?

Omnicare Alliance can help you get your parent into our social support group. It may be difficult to begin with, but with mutual support and persistence we can find a way to make it happen. 

There's information we need from you to ensure we meet your parent’s needs while they're in our care. By completing our forms, you'll enable us to understand how best we can make your parent’s experience with us a pleasant one. 

We recommend your parent attends their social group at least three times. Typically, it takes that level of persistence to help participants adjust to a new routine. That gives our staff the opportunity to establish a professional relationship and earn trust.

Your support, understanding and patience help us considerably during this transition period. Together, we can lay the foundations for lasting social support that can benefit your parent and improve their quality of life.

I'm a regular Meals on Wheels client, but I now need some domestic assistance. How can I access other home services?

The most direct way to do this is by phoning the Federal Government's My Aged Care call centre - on 1800 200 422 - and request they issue a referral code for a domestic service.  

Omnicare's Client Support team can guide you through the My Aged Care process, which can be challenging if you're unfamiliar with it. They can also provide information about service providers available in your area.

I need help accessing care for my loved one because of an emergency (e.g. hospitalisation or family crisis). They can't be left alone. How do I arrange emergency respite?

(for aged clients) 

If your loved one is aged 65 years and over (50 or over, if they're Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander) and they have a current ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) assessment they'll be eligible for residential respite in an emergency.

You need to call the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre (CRCC) - on 1800  052 222 - to register as their carer. They'll help you organise subsidised residential respite. 

You can access up to 63 days a year for subsidised respite care. However, if your loved one has a Home Care Package, there's 56 days' residential respite a year. CRCC will help you find a subsidised respite space.

In cases of planned (non-emergency) respite, it's best to give CRCC as much notice as possible as there may be limited spaces available.

(for disability clients

If you're a carer for someone with a disability aged under 65 years (50 years, if they're Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander), who is dependent on you for all their support needs, and you require emergency respiteCommonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre (CRCC) is available to assist. 

Contact them - on 1800 052 222 - and they can arrange the support your loved one needs while you're absent from your carer role.

I have difficulties accessing the NDIS website. How do I get the information I need to help me access support?

Omnicare Alliance can provide you with NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) factsheets and publications to help you determine your eligibility. 

You need to start the process yourself, including initial contact with the NDIS and completing the access request form. Once they've advised you that you're eligible, then we encourage you to contact us.

You can request a pre-planning meeting with an Omnicare representative to help you prepare for your first meeting (or any review) with the NDIS planners.

One of our Disability Services team can guide you on how to ask for the supports that you may need to help you enjoy the lifestyle you want.

How do I register for the NDIS?

The most direct way to begin the registration process is to visit the NDIS website, where you can check your eligibility. 

There's plenty of information and resources available there, and for most people it's pretty straightforward to follow. 

Once you're satisified you're eligible, you need to call the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) on 1800 800 110. That's the organisation which administers the NDIS.

They'll ask you for your personal information. They will then forward you an access request form to complete and return. 

Once they've processed your application, the NDIA will confirm whether you're eligible, and they'll provide guidance on preparing for your first plan.

Alternatively, you can count on our concierge service to help you with any NDIS-related enquiries. See below for details of how to get in touch with our client support team.

The physical capacity of my parent has deteriorated further. I believe they need more support at home. How can I arrange extra services?

If your parent is an existing Omnicare Alliance client using any of our social support or meals services, we can submit a request with My Aged Care for a re-assessment. 

The request will go to their local ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) office, who will ask you about your concerns and may recommend your parent undergoes a comprehensive assessment, or reviews the current assessment.

Once completed, My Aged Care will notify you of your parent’s updated approvals -including if they have been approved for a Home Care Package (HCP).

Your parent will then go on a national waiting list, until you receive notification  that there's a package available. My Aged Care will provide referral codes for any interim services your parent requires.

We encourage you to contact Omnicare when you receive any correspondence from My Aged Care, so we can help you arrange any additional services.

Alternatively, you can check My Aged Care Service Finders yourself to search these. You can contact providers and quote the referral code for that specific service.

If your parent is not an existing client, we would recommend registration through My Aged Care and arranging a comprehensive assessment with the local ACAT office. Our Client Support team can assist with this process.

Can I access CHSP-funded services while I'm waiting for Home Care Package allocation?

You can access Commonwealth Home Support Program-funded services while you're awaiting your Home Care Package allocation. 

My Aged Care will provide referral codes for any services you need in the correspondence they send to confirm your eligibility for a Home Care Package. They can answer any questions you may have by calling 1800 200 422.

Our Client Support team is available to help you if you need it. See below to get in touch.

How do I arrange an ACAT comprehensive assessment?

You can phone the My Aged Care call centre on 1800 200 422 and request a 'comprehensive assessment'. Alternatively, Omnicare's Client Support team can help you arrange an ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) appointment. 

A My Aged Care call centre employee will ask you undergo a short assessment by phone. The responses you provide will determine the level of your support needs. 

If those are deemed 'low-to-medium' they'll refer you to the Regional Assessment Service, which will complete an assessment and issue referral codes for CHSP-funded (Commonwealth Home Support Program) services.

The support available through Omincare Alliance includes our Meals on Wheels Mid North Coast service and Hastings Home Modifications & Maintenance services, social support group through HDRC Services and Parklands Cottage.

If your support needs are deemed 'medium-to-high' My Aged Care will refer you to the local ACAT, which will conduct the comprehensive assessment. From there, you'll receive notification if you've been approved for a Home Care Package, and you'll join the national waiting list for your allocation.

My partner has been diagnosed with dementia. They don’t realise they have a problem or need any support. What should I do?

An Omnicare Alliance team member can visit you at home and help you to make contact with the Federal Government's My Aged Care call centre.

We can request them to include you as your loved one's representative for My Aged Care, as long as your loved one can offer verbal consent over the phone. Without that consent, you'll need to complete an 'Appointment of a Representative' form (with supporting documentation - including confirmation of enduring power of attorney, or appointment of enduring guardian).

See below for details of how to get in touch with us.

How do I find out whether I am on the national queue for a Home Care Package?

To check your Home Care Package allocation status, ring the My Aged Care call centre on 1800 200 422.

A call centre team member will ask you for personal information - including your full name, date of birth, address and Medicare number to identify you.

They'll then check your aged care record to see whether you're in the national queue. If you're not, you should request that you are included.