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The RED Conference

The RED Conference demonstrates Omnicare Alliance's commitment to supporting a better quality of life for people living with dementia, those involved with their care, and the wider community.

A Regional Experience in Practical Dementia Care was conceived of by team members from our organisation. Their aim was to share knowledge, provide support and develop networks for service providers, primary carers, support workers and people living with this condition.

The inaugural one-day conference was staged in October 2017, at Port Macquarie's Glasshouse venue. It brought internationally respected speakers from around Australia (including Omnicare innovators) and the United States.

They shared their expertise and knowledge of the adaptation of Montessori methods in dementia care, and innovative programs to support people living with the condition.

With a focus on the experiences of communities in regional Australia, The RED Conference attracted attendees from across northern NSW and even from the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory. 

Through a series of presentations and workshops, participants gained further understanding of dementia, the evolution of care services, and how to go about applying Montessori methods for individuals living with the condition.

Thanks to the success of the inaugural event, Omnicare hosted its second RED Conference at Port Macquarie in March 2019. This was a two-day event, staged at Sails Port Macquarie.

USA-based Dr Cameron Camp reprised his role as keynote speaker. He also ran a pre-conference one-day masterclass. The second keynote speaker was Lesley Palmer, from the University of Stirling.

They were joined again by academics, medical and allied health professionals, aged care industry representatives, people living with dementia and others with invaluable perspectives on the condition.

Nearly 300 delegates from a similar cross section of interests in dementia participated - with many inter-state attendees among them.

Visit The Red Conference website for further details.