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Your feedback is crucial to how Omnicare Alliance operates.

Assessing and reviewing how we deliver our services are important factors in ensuring we meet high standards. Without input from clients and primary carers, we get a less objective view of what we're getting right and where we can improve.

We're keen to know when we surpass your expectations. We also need to know if you believe we've fallen short of reasonable expectations.

If you feel any of our team members have gone over and beyond the level of service their role demands, please pay a compliment through the form below. We'll make sure their efforts are acknowledged, and if we feel colleagues could learn from their actions, we'll communicate that to our team.

Omnicare is committed to maintaining high standards of service, but occasionally clients and primary carers might feel they've had a negative experience. If you're unable to resolve an issue with a team member and you feel it's a serious matter, we suggest you instigate a complaint.

You'll receive an acknowledgment that we've received your complaint, an outline of the procedures we have in place, and details of how to escalate your complaint in the event we can't resolve it to your satisfaction.

We're also open to new ideas that might benefit our organisation. If you think you have a constructive solution to any aspect of our operations, make a suggestion. We'll consider any we believe would make a positive difference.



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