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Working with us

Omnicare Alliance aims to lead the field as a provider of aged, disability and dementia care services.

Our status is that of a not-for-profit organisation, funded by the government assistance available to clients; government, charitable and commercial grants; client fees; our social entrepreneurship; and donations from individuals, community groups and businesses.

With five business units making up the Omnicare Alliance, we operate as a professional and community-focused organisation, adopting a commercial operational approach.

We have a strong core of capable and knowledgable staff, experienced in the coordination and delivery of aged, disability and dementia care services. We also employ personnel from a broad range of professional backgrounds with diverse skills that meet our needs.

Omnicare values diversity and flexibility in the workplace. We also welcome contributions from members of the communities we serve. There are volunteer roles across various aspects of the services we provide. Donations and fundraisers also allow us to make a difference to clients' lives.

It needn't take much from individuals, groups, or businesses to help us build a more inclusive society in the Mid North Coast region.