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Fundraising for Omnicare Alliance is a great way to support your community and the work we do.

As a not-for-profit organisation, whose core value is to: 'Be first about community', we value contributions from individuals, groups and businesses. They're a vital component of the funding that helps us to deliver our services, programs and projects in the Mid North Coast region we serve.

Your support also helps with raising awareness of the important role these services play to assist people in our communities. By involving Omnicare, you demonstrate some of the values that are important to you. 

The nature and scale of your fundraising event is limited only by your imagination. It might be as simple as pledging your sponsorship from a fun run, running a sausage sizzle at a community group gathering, or hosting regular office morning teas.

It could be as elaborate as organising a ticketed social function, a special sporting challenge open to the public, or a fun themed event for your staff, colleagues or the wider community.

Our first fundraiser, staged in April 2018, was a pirate- and fairy-themed Zumba Gold Masterclass in Port Macquarie organised by local instructor Krista Gilen.

There's a straightforward approval process involved in using the Omnicare name and branding in association with a fundraising event. If you have an idea for an event, you can contact us to discuss it. There's a downloadable fundraising kit (see below) that will take you through your rights and obligations.

Once you've completed the form and we've endorsed the fundraiser, we'll support you with pre- and post-event publicity through our media platforms and at our various locations.

If you prefer a more informal approach, you could consider simply making a donation. Please note, when it comes to collecting money for a charitable cause, there are strict enforceable regulations relating to the use of branding without prior written approval.

You're able to specify how you'd like to direct the proceeds of your event. It might be towards a specific Omnicare program or social enterprise venture, one of our business units (HDRC Services, Parklands Cottage, Meals on Wheels Mid North CoastHastings Home Mods, Hastings Headway), or to our overall operations.

Download Fundraising Kit