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Fulfilment and achievement await those that help us deliver services to the wide range of clients who choose Omnicare Alliance as a provider.

The contribution of individuals who devote spare time to helping clients is one of our greatest assets. The efforts, energy, commitment and compassion of our volunteers demonstrate the strong sense of community that flourishes in the Mid North Coast region.

Providing assistance and support to clients with requirements relating to age, disability or dementia isn't always straightforward. There are procedures to follow and occasional challenges to face. However, the knowledge that someone has benefitted instantly from their support is what keeps many of our volunteers inspired and motivated to maintain their connection with us for years.

At Omnicare, we recognise that those who are willing to share their free time with us do so because they want to help others. It's important for us to highlight that the needs of the clients we support are paramount and our volunteers should be prepared to roll up their sleeves and be 'hands on' in their roles.

If you're keen to help us improve the quality of life for members of your community, we can accommodate your availability. Generally, it's best for clients - particularly those with dementia, mental or learning disabilities - to develop longstanding constructive relationships with just a handful of Omnicare staff and volunteers. This offers them and their primary carers stability, continuity and the opportunity to build trust over a long period.

Omnicare Meals Service relies on the dedication of hundreds of volunteers, who are called on to go beyond the basic task of delivering food. Part of the role involves being available to stop for a brief chat - possibly even to support the client as they heat and serve the meal - and to check on the client's wellbeing.

There are opportunities to accompany clients on the social outings our branches organise, so they can maintain connections to their communities.

Similarly, with our group activities for clients with disabilities, we appreciate volunteers' assistance to ensure these run smoothly. Some of these run at our centres, others involve social or recreational activities elsewhere. There are some clients with disabilities who benefit simply from having companionship in their own homes on a regular basis.

For aged and dementia clients, there are opportunities for volunteers to bring their unique skills and talents to the programs we run at our various respite centres. There, we focus on engaging clients in stimulating activities. When we achieve this the benefits to them and their loved ones are often remarkable.

Many of those volunteers lead group activities, which can help clients maintain or develop creative or practical skills. Often, our volunteers assist on a one-to-one basis, assisting with tasks or offering companionship. Some help out with transporting clients to and from their homes, or on social outings.

All volunteers must go through a police check, while those supporting disability clients must also undergo a working with children check. There are induction processes to ensure volunteers understand and comply with their responsibilities regarding duty of care, workplace health & safety, and Omnicare's code of conduct.

Our aged and dementia care volunteers participate in Montessori training so we can be consistent in how we assist and support clients. Omnicare is rolling out this training program to all staff and volunteers.

Getting involved with us on a voluntary basis is a worthy way to contribute to the quality of life of individuals. It enriches our communities too, enhancing the spirit of inclusivity that makes the Mid North Coast an appealing region for residents, visitors and tourists.

Omnicare is committed to looking after the health and safety of everyone that represents the organisation. There are support resources and procedures to address any difficulties or problems volunteers might encounter in their roles.

If you believe you have qualities and skills that could benefit our clients, and you're prepared to make a regular and ongoing commitment of your free time, please contact us to discuss available volunteering opportunities.